Building the CityVille Sea Shell Stand: Everything you need to know

CityVille Beach Carnival
CityVille Beach Carnival

As summer slowly draws to a close, Zynga is getting all the digital sun in it can get. A new business has been released to CityVille along with a brand new Goal to introduce it. However, not everything has been put into place just yet, as this new building seems to be in preparation for something much greater.

It's called the Sea Shell Stand, and instead of providing Coins for Goods, it earns you Sea Shells. This new item seems to have no real purpose ... yet, but consider our interests piqued.

Once you receive the Goal, which requires you to place the Sea Shell Stand from the Goal menu and collect three Sea Shells from it, throw the new building where you so please and give it two whacks costing an Energy each. Then, a new menu will appear demanding that you gather these items from your friends in order to finish the building:

  • 3 Spades

  • 3 Visors

  • 3 Buckets

  • 3 Sand Molds

  • 3 Sand

Sculpt Fiction CityVille
Sculpt Fiction CityVille

Oddly enough, not every one of these items comes from friend help requests. The Visors, for one, come as a random bonus from clicking a friend's Train News Feed post. Alright, so the other four items are found by asking friends (even the Visors can be requested). However, keep in mind that putting an item on your Wish List increases your chances of finding said item when opening Mystery Gifts. Once this is complete, you'll receive a paltry 10 XP.

Upgrade Sea Shell Stand
Upgrade Sea Shell Stand

Players can then upgrade the Sea Shell Stand by asking friends for another seven of each item, which improves its output of Shells by one. Though, it doesn't improve the amount of Coins it provides, which sticks at a tiny 250 Coins. We still don't know what Zynga is up to with this Sea Shell Stand, but we bet it has something to do with an addition to the Beach area of the game, so stay tuned.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

Have you started your Sea Shell Stand yet? What purpose do you think it will have in the game, or what do you hope will come of it? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.