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Fools were out and about this week in an investing world jampacked with actions and ideas. Here are three articles you might find useful as you decide how to invest your money.

5 Stocks You Need for a Balanced-Budget WorldFool analyst Jim Royal reminded investors that you can't win by trying to time the market. "You buy companies when they're cheap, hold them, and sell when they get pricey," he wrote. "If you can snag a dividend in the process, all the better."

To help investors, Jim dug up five cheap large-cap stocks paying "monster dividends." National Grid (NYS: NGG) and AT&T (NYS: T) made the cut.

National Grid "operates like a toll road, earning money whenever gas or electricity move across its transmission network," Jim wrote. "Its hard assets are absolutely vital, and they help backstop the stock's valuation. The yield is tasty, too. AT&T is cheaper still, and it provides a dividend similar to National Grid's."

Read the article to get the full rundown on all five stocks on Jim's list.

Think That IPO Was Great? Think Again.Do you dream of getting rich by "getting in on the ground floor" of the right company? Did Dunkin' Brands' recent IPO pique your interest in initial public offerings? Or maybe you have your eye on Facebook for when it possibly goes public?

Fool contributor John Rosevear nicely laid out some basics for investors to consider when looking at IPOs. He starts by explaining the "pop" and the subsequent "unlock."

"Nowadays, a big first-day rise is a carefully engineered event," John wrote. "The investment banks that manage the IPO process use a number of tactics to create that 'pop' and give the stock every chance of appreciating significantly in the critical first few days and weeks of its life."

The unlock refers to the end of the lockup period (usually lasting 90 to 180 days), during which major shareholders such as founders and early investors are not allowed to sell their shares.

Read John's article for more insight on IPO investing.

3 Stocks Near 52-Week Highs Worth SellingDeciding when to sell a stock can be hard work. You gotta buy low and sell high, but how high? You don't want to get out too early and miss a big reward. You also don't want to stay in the stock so long that you lose money.

To help investors, Fool contributor Sean Williams rounded up three stocks near 52-week highs that he thinks are worth selling: Deckers Outdoor (NAS: DECK) , CurrencyShares Japanese Yen (NYS: FXY) , and PAETEC Holding (NAS: PAET) .

The risks "handily outweigh" the potential rewards for all three of the stocks, Sean wrote. "Whether it's increased expenses, potential government intervention, or legal drama, it's always best to leave your stock behind if the risks begin to outweigh your potential rewards."

Read the article for more about these three stocks.

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