Did Zynga remove Crop and Animal Accelerate Boosts from FrontierVille?


Either this is a bug, or the answer to that question is "yes." According to multiple reports on the official FrontierVille forums, it seem as though crop and animal acceleration boosts have gone entirely missing from the game. Users are searching their inventories time and time again, looking for boosts that they know were there, only to come back empty-handed.

Even methods that were previously known to give users an acceleration boost no longer seem to work. That is, when turning in collections that grant free boosts, the other prizes were rewarded, but not the boosts. The question now becomes "is this intentional," or better yet, "is it permanent?" Why would Zynga go through all of the trouble of creating this system of boosts (which can help any animal or crop grow faster), only to delete it from the game entirely? Were users not spending enough Horseshoes to purchase packets of boosts that way? Did they believe the boosts ruined the balance of the game? If so, why would they continually pass out free boosts as goal rewards?

Things just don't make sense here, but we can make a case for this being either a bug or downright purposeful. There's been no official comment by Zynga on the issue, so unfortunately there's no way of really knowing, at least for now. If Zynga makes an announcement acknowledging the missing crop/animal acceleration boosts (even in that announcement states that they've been removed from the game), we'll make sure to let you know.

Do you still have access to your crop and animal boosts in FrontierVille? If so, what do you think caused this major glitch for some of your fellow players? Do you actively use the boost system, or would you not care if Zynga really did remove it? Sound off in the comments.

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