FarmVille Sneak Peek: Toadstool crops, Bellflower and Hanging Flower trees coming soon


A slew of new mastery signs have been found in FarmVille, giving us a sneak peek at two new crops and four new trees that should be launching in the game in the near future (perhaps as early as tomorrow evening, depending on what items are released in the expected update). FarmVille Freak has found the images, which include the Red and Purple Toadstools, which are two separate crops. If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say that both will likely be limited edition, but you might need to master one before being able to plant the other.

As for the trees, the four come in two pairs. The Bellflower trees come in both a normal and "giant" version, while a Pink Hanging Flower and Purple Hanging Flower look to be another pair that will likely offer you one from a Mystery Seedling, saving some of the Farm Cash that they'll inevitably cost.

All together, this gives us six new things to work on mastering, but there's no telling how much time (or how much Farm Cash) we'll have to spend to receive those exclusive mastery signs. We'll make sure to give you a complete rundown on the trees and crops as they're officially released in the game, so keep checking back.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

What do you think of these six mastery signs? Are you more looking forward to mastering the crops or trees first? If these Toadstool crops cost Farm Cash licenses, will you purchase them? Sound off in the comments.