CityVille Zynga Gazette Upgrades: Everything you need to know


No, this isn't an upgrade to the way you accept gift requests in CityVille, although we probably need that too (seriously, how many times should I have to X that window out before it finally listens?!). This weekend's particular update gives a pair of upgrades to the game's Zynga Gazette community building (yeah, I know, I forgot that existed for a while too).

This community building will allow you to house even more citizens once you do upgrade it, but there are a couple of house rules you'll need to follow in order to begin the process. First, you must be at least level 23, and you also must have a population of at least 1350 citizens. Once you've met those two requirements, you'll see a neon green arrow sitting over the Zynga Gazette (the next time you collect your profits from the building), letting you know you're ready to go.

The first upgrade requires you to collect building materials: five each of Magnifying Glasses, Phones, Switchboards, Press Cards and Satellite Antennas. Collecting all of these items triggers a visual change in your building, as it transforms from white/silver to brown/orange. Your Gazette will then be able to support the housing of 750 citizens, up from the default total of 450.

But wait! The upgrade process isn't over yet! Once you city reaches a population of 2900 citizens, you'll be able to upgrade yet again to Level 3 by collecting even more of the above building materials. Finish that off by asking your friends to send you items and voila - your Zynga Gazette will reach its current maximum stat of supporting 1150 citizens in your town. Ultimately, that sees you adding the space for 700 citizens to your town with this single building, so it's not a bad set of upgrades to perform, even if it's casually and in the background while you place your major focus on other things (even other upgrades).

[Via Zynga]

Will you upgrade your Zynga Gazette, or are you fine simply building new community buildings whenever your population cap needs to rise? Sound off in the comments.