Would You Spend $269,000 to Own a Garage?


We all know that parking at the beach comes with a premium, but how about $269,000 to buy a free-standing garage that you can't live in, expand or use as anything besides a place to stash the wheels?

According to the Belmont Shore Patch, which tipped us to the hot property, not even a second story can be added to this Long Beach Peninsula structure.

The 20-by-20-foot garage is three properties from the ocean and six from the bay, says listing agent Erik Bueno. It's surrounded by homes that sell from $2 million to $4 million and will most likely be bought by a resident who wants to store a classic car or boating equipment in it, says Bueno. Buying the garage will require an all-cash offer, by the way, and don't get any ideas about bringing in a sleeping bag. It has been collecting $300 a month in rent.