Words with Friends is live on Facebook; can you spell 'H-O-O-K-E-D?'

Word with Friends FacebookWe sure hope so, because that's what you'll be this weekend on Facebook. Zynga has officially released Words with Friends to Facebook, and it's basically what millions already love about the mobile game on, well, Facebook. And we say that it's no different because the game will literally import your existing Words with Friends games from your iOS or Android device.

From there, you can pick up and play games from either Facebook or your mobile device and back again.In other words, you officially have no reason to ignore your friends' game requests. Yes, even if you're scared of losing miserably to that one literati friend that preys on your sub-200 scores.

The game brings in a number of new features as well, namely Brag Feeds. These allow players to call out their friends publicly on their News Feed for owning them with that nasty triple word score. And, just like on your iPhone, Words with Friends for Facebook will send your opponent notifications of their turn through requests.

Words with Friends Facebook in action
Finally, you can challenge your friends directly through the News Feed to new games, which of course can be picked up on your iOS or Android device. And keep in mind, this is a first for Zynga, as never before has the company ported one of its mobile games to Facebook. (It's usually the other way around.) Though, this game originally is Newtoy's creation, the developer Zynga purchased this year to create one of its mobile studios, Zynga with Friends. Original game or not, we know exactly where you'll be this weekend. Don't worry, we'll be right there with you, racking up awesome triple word scores as all get out.

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