Unreal Estate: Australian's Sculpture Flicks Off Neighbors

Australian neighbors
Australian neighbors

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This week brought reports of a "

tell-us-your-hook-up" ad campaign, a lawn-sculpture designed to offend neighbors, an amateur scientist arrested for attempting to split atoms in his kitchen and a Korean Robinson Crusoe who chases Japanese fishermen from his remote island.

One Australian man clearly doesn't care much for one particular commandment. The Manningham Leader reports that he erected a massive middle-finger sculpture to express his hatred towards his neighbors. Residents call him the "neighbor from hell," and say the brazen gesture is just the latest example of a string of shocking un-neighborly actions.

But perhaps no other action could more unsettling to a community than what one Swedish man did recently. He was arrested after authorities learned he was using radioactive materials to try and split atoms. He kept a blog on the pursuit which included entries describing a small meltdown on his stove.