Saved By The Bell YouTube game revisits Saturday mornings of old

Saved By The Bell YouTube Games
Saved By The Bell YouTube Games

Remember when you used to wake up on Saturday mornings before noon? It was to watch Saved By The Bell, wasn't it? The Fine Brothers, a YouTube video troupe, have launched an interactive YouTube game surrounding your favorite kids show. (And don't try to say it wasn't--everyone loved that show.)

The game pits you in three classic scenarios from the short-lived morning show that unfortunately shaped nearly every actors' career who starred in it. (Honesty, did you know really know Slater as Mario Lopez before he hosted Extra?) Better yet, it's presented exactly how video games were at the time: in beautiful 16-bit, Super Nintendo-style graphics and music.

Whenever the Saved By The Bell theme enters your head, it'll probably be in MIDI form from now on. Of course, the gameplay doesn't reach farther than, "Click this button before something bad happens!" But that doesn't detract from The Fine Brothers' spot-on humor nor the game's undeniable nostalgia level.

Seriously, these guys bring up things from the show that will have you laughing out loud in your cubicle. Get started with the game below, and the links will take you through a series of separate mini videos. Say goodbye to the next 10 minutes of your Friday. You're welcome.

[Via Social Times]

Was Saved By The Bell your favorite show as a kid (there's only one answer to this, just to be clear)? How badly do you wish for this to become a full-blown video game? (Also ... one answer.) Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.