New study finds women three times as likely to use Facebook Credits as men


PlaySpan and research firm VGMarket have partnered to study online purchases of virtual items or currency, using real-world money. Specifically, they were interested in how many gamers actually purchase goods, and in what kinds of games the most money is made. As reported by the Washington Post, the stereotype has been confirmed, as the study shows that women are three times as likely to purchase virtual content (not just in games) using Facebook Credits than men - a stat of 34% to 13%, to be specific.

For casual games specifically, the number becomes even greater, as women spend 40% more on virtual game items than men, and are twice as likely to purchase some form of decorative item for a profile, page or avatar as male gamers.

Another interesting set of stats comes with generalizing player responses to communication, as women are apparently less likely to respond to email promotions, and are much more willing to click on Facebook promotions (perhaps those that are in-game, or appear on the sidebar) as men. Specifically, 49% of men and 38% of women respond to email communications, while 31% of women respond better to Facebook promotions, as compared to 18% of men.

That's a lot of information to take in, but what it all seems to boil down to is that women will and are paying more for Facebook Credits in casual games... at least according to this survey. With the world of Facebook games being ever changing, it will be interesting to see if more men jump in to purchase Facebook Credits (perhaps in Empires & Allies, CivWorld or other "war" - stereotypically male - themes).

Do you agree with this study's findings, that women are more likely to spend money on Facebook Credits than men? Have you ever purchased Facebook Credits? Sound off in the comments.