Game of the Day: Into Space!

into space game of the day
As a scientist, you've always dreamed of building a rocket capable of reaching the heavens. So when funding comes in, you seize the opportunity to achieve fame, fortune, and finally put a rocket in space. However, it won't be easy. You'll start out with a meager rocket, capable of just a few seconds of flight. But with persistence and some careful flying, you'll have a space craft capable of reaching infinity and beyond!

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into space game of the dayinto space game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • At the beginning, select the keyboard controls rather than the mouse controls, using the keyboard makes the game much easier.
  • Never turn off the engine unless you have to.
  • At the low levels, aim for the booster pads, they'll help you earn that precious extra money for parts.
  • Initially, you want to focus on getting money. So purchase the money upgrades, fuel upgrades, and engine upgrades before anything else. Don't worry too much about the hull or fins until you've got a rocket capable of achieving some height.
  • Once you have an efficient rocket, fuel can be more lucrative than a booster. If your ship has an expensive fuel tank and engine, and you're given the choice between fuel or a booster, choose fuel. Also, don't go far out of your way to hit a booster pad, it's not worth it.

Click here to play Into Space!

Do you have any other tips? Were you able to reach outer space?
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