FarmVille Sneak Peek: Will a third farm take us to New Hampshire?


So, our Home Farm and English Countryside may have us plenty busy in FarmVille, it looks like we might be able to travel to the Northeast - New Hampshire, to be exact - if a random menu image spotted by FVNation is anything to go by. We can see the game's travel menu (that you click on to travel between your Home Farm and English Countryside farm), which shows the New Hampshire farm as a location.

Now, this leaves me with a few thoughts. If this isn't a third farm that we'll be able to travel to, could it be that we'll instead be able to rename our farms, and this particular example shows a farm that happens to have been named "New Hampshire?" Perhaps that's reading too much into this, but New Hampshire seems like a bit too specific of a location to place a third farm. Heck, the very concept of already adding a third farm to the game seems out of place too! Still, the English Countryside expansion has gone over swimmingly well, so I can't really blame them for wanting to keep the train rolling.

Either way, this single menu screen gives us very little to go on, but we're excited about the possibilities that it could present. We'll make sure to stay on tops of things and will let you know if this image was a fluke, or if a third farm really is coming to the game.

[Image Credit: FVNation]

Would you be willing to run a third farm? What do you think of the supposed New Hampshire location? Sound off in the comments.