FarmVille: Earn a free Sebright Chicken with limited time Farm Cash offer


If you're in the market for some FarmVille Farm Cash, make sure to purchase some soon - like, within the next few hours soon. A new Farm Cash promotion has been launched in the game, allowing you to earn a free Sebright Chicken (normally a 20 Farm Cash chicken, which was part of the English Countryside theme) when you purchase one of three specific Farm Cash packages.

These bundles run from $1-20. Here's a look at how many Farm Cash you'll earn for the cash spent:

$1 - 4 Farm Cash
$5 - 25 Farm Cash
$20 - 115 Farm Cash

Regardless of the package you purchase, you'll receive the free Sebright Chicken, but as they'll only be available for a few hours, you'll need to grab some Facebook Credits fast in order to actually claim your prize. In order to activate the offer, you should only have to login to the game, as an offer window (pictured) will appear automatically, just as the Zynga Message Center automatically appears when launching the game. If you're not interested or don't feel obligated to make a purchase, simply X out the window and continue playing as normal. Just don't forget to make a purchase fast, if you do want the free chicken, as it won't be available forever (at least for "free").

What do you think of this latest Farm Cash bundle deal? Will you purchase one of the three bundles for a free Sebright Chicken, or do you already have one of those animals on your farm? Sound off in the comments.