FarmVille English Countryside 26x26 and 28x28 land expansions now available for coins


While the 26x26 and 28x28 land expansions in FarmVille's English Countryside have been available for Farm Cash (100 and 120 Farm Cash each, respectively), users have had to wait until now to actually be able to buy them for coins. And while it's great that coins options are now available, unless you've been saving up coins for quite a while (or have a farm that really turns out the coins each day - say, with massive cow collections), you'll likely be stuck with you current farm for quite some time. In other words - these don't come cheap!

To start, the 26x26 English Expanse is available for 2.5 million coins, but first you'll need to round up some additional surveyors - totaling 25 in all, including those you've recruited for other expansions previously. This is done by sending out friend requests to your neighbors in order to add them to your crew. Once you've earned enough surveyors, you'll then be able to shell out the cash necessary. After that, you'll be able to move onto the 28x28 expansion, which costs 5 million coins. That's right - a whopping 5 million. I'll give you some time to let that settle in...

Yet again, you'll need to hire more surveyors, bringing your total to 30 in total. Finish that task, spend the five million coins, and you'll once again be at the biggest English Countryside farm that's currently available for coins. Unfortunately, a coin option for the 30x30 land expansion is nowhere in sight, but we'll make sure to let you know when that option eventually becomes available.

Will you purchase either of these expansions for coins immediately, or will you wait until you have plenty of excess coins to expand? Sound off in the comments.