iWin and Sony Pictures announce the $100,000 Pyramid for Facebook


The category is classic television shows. Here are your clues: Hosted by Dick Clark, contestants were paired with celebrities, two teams earn points by figuring out the answers to clues. Give up? It's the $100,000 pyramid of course,and you'll soon be able to play a variation of the gameplay on Facebook, as Sony Pictures and iWin have announced that they'll be bringing the $100,000 Pyramid to Facebook as a game later this summer.

In this Facebook version of the game, iWin has announced that the gameplay will be just as we expected. In the first round, players are given three categories in which to earn points, using clues to determine the object in question. if you can guess all six items in a single grouping, you'll earn the Big 6 bonus cash prize. After finishing the first round, if you have enough points, you'll move onto the Winners Circle, where you'll go for a $25,000 cash prize (all virtual, of course), and can win it if you get all three of the round's categories right.

To boost the winnings to $100,000, the game will bring in a social element. By inviting your friends to play the game with you, you'll be able to "Pass the Pyramid," and you'll also be able to compare your score(s) to your friends on the game's leaderboard.

While there's no announcement as to when exactly $100,000 Pyramid will launch on Facebook, we're looking forward to seeing what kinds of trivia categories are added to the game, and how many additional elements are added in to keep things fresh. As soon as we know more, we'll make sure to pass the details on to you.

Are you excited about playing $100,000 Pyramid on Facebook? Did you ever watch the television show? Sound off in the comments.