Ragnarok Online creator's new Facebook game is your Eternal Destiny

Eternal Destiny FacebookWell, it looks like you have no choice but to play it. Gravity Interactive, creator of the mega hit MMO (massively mutliplayer online game) Ragnarok Online, will bring Eternal Destiny to Facebook this Aug. 11. The game, which looks terribly similar to the Calif.-based developer's flagship game, throws players into an epic battle to restore the realms' connections that the God of Chaos has shattered. (It's almost as if these storylines are ad-libbed, no?)

The game, which looks to be inspired by Chinese folklore and themes, tasks players with slaying monsters, grabbing loot and aiding hapless citizens of various cities. In that regard, it's not a far cry from what you've come to expect from an RPG (role-playing game). Once players reach Level 30 in this 3D fantasy land, they can choose their favorite realm and fight in the name of said realm in player vs player battles. Of course, it helps to be in a guild of fellow adventurers, which players can join or create.

Eternal Destiny Facebook
Players will connect to WarpPortal, which hosts Gravity Interactive's games, through Facebook. However, no particularly social features have been mentioned by Gravity Interactive, which has us slightly worried whether Eternal Destiny will take advantage of the platform. Regardless, if you've been hankering for a new, free world to romp around in and fight baddies, Eternal Destiny sounds like a promising start based on the Ragnarok pedigree alone.

[Image Credit: Gravity Interactive]

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