FarmVille Vineyard Items: Maritime Pine Tree, Country Cottage, Grape Bench and more


With tonight's FarmVille update came a new set of items in the game's current Vineyard limited edition theme. There are new animals, buildings, trees and decorations available to purchase, so let's jump right into the new selection of items.


Maritime Pine Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Umbrella Pine Tree - 15 Farm Cash

Unfortunately, it seems as though the 5/15 Farm Cash prices are sticking, as this isn't the first time we've seen this price pair released on trees recently. Not to worry though farmers! The Umbrella Pine Tree can be earned for free, either by randomly receiving one as a Mystery Seedling from an Orchard, or by simply collecting one as a seedling (or full grown) from a friend's wall post. So let them price it higher, I say! I've no need to purchase it anyway!


Chamtois Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Charolais Cow - 20 Farm Cash

Both of these animals come with the ability to breed, giving off Chamtois Foals and Charolais Calves, respectively, that can be shared with friends.


French Vineyard - 30 Farm Cash
Country Cottage - 20 Farm Cash


Garden Carriage - 15 Farm Cash
Wisteria Trellis - 2 Farm Cash
Grape Bench - 10,000 coins
Sweet Pea Bed - 3,000 coins

While all of these items will expire from the game's store in two week's time, you have even more incentive to purchase them, other than an ever-decreasing time limit. If you purchase seven from this particular Vineyard collection of items, you'll receive an exclusive prize in the form of a lovely pink flower fountain. This fountain isn't available through any other method than purchasing at least seven of the individual items above. Should you purchase multiple units of each item, you can earn more exclusive fountains, but I can't really see why you'd want to waste so much Farm Cash.

Either way, make sure to at least take a gander at items like the Sweet Pea Bed and Grape Bench; they are both fairly cheap, and would add great accents to your farm's garden areas, whether they're specifically themed towards the vineyard theme or not.

What do you think of tonight's Vineyard item release? Will you purchase seven different items just to receive the exclusive fountain? Let us know in the comments.