FarmVille Animal Mastery is here, except for sheep and pigs

Well, it's slowly rolling out to farmers, anyhow. That's right! After two years of gameplay, and the coming of both crop and tree mastery, Zynga has finally flipped the switch in FarmVille, giving farmers a chance to master the animals on their farms, with the exception of sheep and pigs. Don't worry though - we've been told that pig and sheep mastery is coming soon, even though it isn't available right away.

All told, the difficulty each user has with mastering animals will ultimately come down to how big of a collector you are. That is, if you have five of the same kind of animal on your farm, you'll obviously master them more quickly than if you just purchased one. Still, animals like those seen below (on just the first of many pages of Animals in the new mastery menu) tend to reach their first star of mastery after just 3-9 harvests, depending on how long the animal takes to become "ready" again, or perhaps even depending a bit on its rarity.

Either way, it's interesting to see pigs and sheep acknowledged here, as it gives us something to both look forward to and be scared of for the future. On one hand, it would give mastery sign collectors more incentive to breed animals, but on the other, you're left with the potential for practically unlimited mastery signs, if each individual color shade or color/pattern combination is given its own sign. Hopefully, mastery is left to have each pattern have its own sign, rather than anything to do with color, but we'll make sure to let you know what ends up being the case just as soon as we know more.

[Original image credit: FVNation]

Have you received Animal Mastery on your farm(s) yet?! Which animals are you going to work to master first? Do you think that Zynga should re-release many of the game's past limited edition animals so that users can now master them by purchasing them for their farm? Sound off in the comments.
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