Empires & Allies brings German items to the frontlines


Achtung! (Atten-tion!) Three new German units have been released in Empires & Allies (along with new decorations), allowing you to add some serious firepower to your army, both in the ground and naval unit divisions. For commanders that appreciate land combat, there is a Tiger Tank and Red Tiger Tank, which come with 100 and 200 Strength each, respectively.

If that's not already impressive enough, you can also buy a Bismark battleship. Wait for it: the Bismark has a whopping 275 strength rating! Talk about bringing the heat! However, If you'd rather decorate your military base with some German-themed items, rather than use them to cause mass destruction, you can do that too.

The German Flag is a fairly basic decoration that could be used to show off your imaginary peace-treaty with the Germans, while an Army Obstacle Course, Edelweiss and a Hermann Statue add other decorative touches to your town. Finishing off your "Little Germany" is the Alpine Haus, a home that adds 60 population to your town.

All told, these German items are limited edition, and will expire from the game's store in around a week. Make sure to shop fast before they all sell out and you're left without these international goodies!

What do you think of the high strength ratings of the three German units? Will those stats make you want to build multiple units of your own? Sound off in the comments.

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