Empires & Allies German Goals require lots and lots of wheat


Along with the release of German items in Empires & Allies comes a three-part mission series that helps introduce your to those new items (isn't that clever?). The first missions is called Sausagefest, and it jumps straight away into growing some crops, along with building some homes. To be specific, you'll need to build four Alpine Haus, along with planting (and harvesting) six wheat fields.

Continuing in the food theme is the next mission: Bitter Harvest, which has you building a Herman Statue, planting some Edelweiss and harvesting even more Wheat Fields. Unfortunately, the information about these goals is a bit sketchy, and even the Empires & Allies wiki can't clarify how many of each item you'll need to build / plant. We're working on clarifying that, and will let you know when we can.

The same thing can be said for the final goal in this trio: Centerpiece. You'll need to construct Bandits (air units), at least one Tiger Tank, and plant wheat yet again to finally finish it off. All told though, none of these missions seem to overly difficult, even for some information being left unsaid. As we said, we'll fill in the blanks as we learn more about these new goals.

[Via Empires & Allies Wiki]

Have you been able to reach the second or third goal in this series? Let us know what the requirements are and we'll place them here! Sound off in the comments.

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