CityVille Goes Update Crazy: Level cap increase, Asparagus crop et al

CityVille Summer Items
CityVille Summer Items

Have you been keeping up? Because Zynga is moving at a breakneck pace, and introduced a slew of updates to CityVille recently. First, the level cap for the game has been boosted from Level 90 to Level 100, meaning it's time to collect another few hundred million XP (or something like that)--back to the Goals for you purist players.

Second, a new City Cash crop has been introduced, the Asparagus. It's only here for a limited time (another six days) and, like all City Cash crops, grows instantly. For 4 City Cash, the Asparagus will instantly provide players with 127 Goods. Of course, the crop has a short Mastery path to increase its Goods output, though we know you'd only try it for the Mastery Sign. (Who needs better Goods output on a crop that's going away in a week?)

CityVille Shark and Killer Whale
CityVille Shark and Killer Whale

Finally, a few new decorations (and one building) have hit the Build menu, and tread on new ground for CityVille. The new Shark and Killer Whale decorations are fully animated, as they flip and swim through the ocean. And that's the only area where they can be placed. However, these two living set pieces have payout bonuses attached to them, which strikes us as odd consider they're placed out in the water while businesses sit way back on the beach.

Staffing Agency

A new Community Building, the Staffing Building, has made it into the game as well. It costs a nice chunk of City Cash, but provides players with a massive Population boost. While the lot of them unfortunately go for City Cash, here's everything you need to know about the new items:


  • Goods: 127

  • Harvests: Instantly

  • Costs: 4 City Cash

Staffing Agency

  • Population: 2,250

  • Costs: 75 City Cash

Killer Whale

  • Bonus: 14 percent payout increase

  • Costs: 25 City Cash


  • Bonus: 4 percent payout increase

  • Costs: 8,000 Coins

Are you excited by any of these new items to hit the market? If you had the City Cash or Coins, which would you buy first? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.