Play CityVille, Army Attack on your iPad with GameBox for Facebook

GameBox for FacebookThat is, of course, if you're willing to let go of three bucks. For $2.99, GameBox for Facebook--which, to dispel any confusion, is the name of the iPad app--will allow CityVille and Army Attack players to get their city building (and destroying) fix on the go.

What the app does is take Flash-based games (i.e. almost every Facebook game ever), which Apple devices cannot support, and makes them available for play on the iPad. However, there are several caveats to GameBox.

First of all, CityVille already exists on the iPad, though in a version far different from what's available on Facebook. Second, the app already has a competitor in iSwifter for iPad and Android, which offers a stable of games from not just Facebook, but several other Flash game portals like Kongregate (and the games we host on Though, the app is a bit pricier at $4.99.

GameBox for iPad
Of course, GameBox developer Mobi2SNS plans to make more games available through the app in the future, according to Mobile Entertainment. Regardless of how many games either app makes available, there are two issues that face them. For one, getting players to pay to play games on their iPad that they've never paid to play before will be a challenge. More importantly, Facebook's rumored Project Spartan--an initiative to bring the platform along with several apps and games (including Zynga games) to mobile browsers through HTML5--could render both GameBox and iSwifter moot.

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[Image Credit: Mobi2SNS, iTunes]

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