Cafe World Serving Susie Goals: Everything you need to know


First, there came the Becky the Barista and Beverly Bartender sisters in Cafe World, two girls that allow you to serve your guests from the Coffee Machine and Drink Bar automatically, and now, we can add quick serving from stoves to that list as Susie has been introduced to the game. Susie's a young, perky wannabe waitress looking for her first real job, and you'll be there to give it to her. First, though, you'll need to complete some goals (as if you didn't guess that already). Here's a complete guide:

Serving Susie

  • Place Serving Susie

  • Ask for 3 Ears of Corn

  • Serve Fish n Chips 30 times

Susie's station actually comes a new item you'll need to place in your cafe and then construct. It takes four items to build: six each of Heat Lamps, Steel Plates, Counter Tops, and Nuts and Bolts. Once you've finished building her station, she'll be able to help you by serving all of your dishes from stoves to counters with a single click. Your reward for finishing this first goal is Creamy Corn Soup.

Susie Can't Wait

  • Spice 10 of your friends' stoves

  • Ask for 5 Mussels

  • Ask for 5 Butter

Depending on the amount of friends you have in your account, you'll be able to finish this one fairly easily, as luckily 10 items aren't too terribly hard to come by. Don't "worry" though chefs, things get worse over time. You'll earn the Buttered Mussels recipe for finishing this one.


  • Serve Buttered Mussels 40 Times

  • Ask for 6 Food Orders

  • Ask for 6 Cans of Soda

Once you've completed Susie's station, she'll be able to serve all of your dishes more quickly than before, but it doesn't actually affect the speed at which your dishes cook.

Prep Cook Susie

  • Serve Creamy Corn Soup 30 Times

  • Ask for 6 White Onions

  • Ask for 7 Cans of Gravy

Apparently, Susie is a bit too fast, and she's spilled all of those Buttered Mussles on the floor (at least in our story). You'll need to serve these Creamy Corn Soups to make up for it. For doing so, you'll earn yet another recipe: Biscuits and Gravy.

Fajita Fun

  • Serve Buttered Mussels 40 times

  • Ask for 8 Jumbo Shrimp

  • Ask for 8 Red Peppers

This goal will see you earning another recipe: the Shrimp Fajitas, for finishing it off.

Susie's Stumped

  • Serve Biscuits and Gravy 30 times

  • Ask for 10 Rainbow Trout

  • Ask for 10 Lemons

No new recipe for this one, but don't worry - you're not done with the free food yet.

The Susie Solution

  • Serve Shrimp Fajitas 40 Times

  • Ask for 10 Cedar Planks

  • Hire Susie Serving Crew

Like the other "stations" in the game, you'll need to ask your friends to help staff Susie's station, so that Susie can be properly "trained" for her new job in your cafe. You'll receive one final recipe for finishing off this goal series: the Broiled Rainbow Trout.

All told, it's likely that a lot of chefs will have some pretty strong opinions about this one. Serving dishes from our stoves is one of the main interactive abilities we have with the actual "cooking" portion of gameplay, and with Susie, we've now lost it. I suppose you could ignore Susie altogether if you want to stick to the status quo, but that will be up to you.

What do you think of the Serving Susie goals? Will you use Susie to speed up your dish-serving process, or will you keep things the way they are? Sound off in the comments.