AT&T Android gamers, welcome to Mobage, your new home

Mobage Android
Mobage Android

Well, at least until your contract dries up. AT&T and Ngmoco, the U.S. mobile game developer now owned by Japanese (or should we say global) mobile social game company DeNA, have signed a deal to bring Mobage to the mobile phone carrier's Android customers. Mobage, DeNA's Ngmoco-enhanced mobile social games platform for Android, went live around the world recently.

However, the platform will now be conveniently placed as an app on the Android Market for AT&T customers. (Our guess is that by "conveniently," AT&T means "more prominently.")

Not only will Mobage serve as a hub for Android users to find new games to play, the service will provide its social gaming community complete with a virtual currency to use within Mobage games, MobaCoins. Most games are free to play on the platform, but are of course supported through MobaCoin transactions.

However, according to TechCrunch, DeNA plans to bring Mobage to iOS gamers, too. Not only is this indicative of DeNA's desire to make headway underneath mobile gamers' thumbs in the English-speaking world, but it also shows AT&T's interest in capitalizing on that dang-fangled mobile gaming.

Just recently, the phone carrier signed a similar deal with Zynga to provide its games to Android users. It looks like not just the phone makers, but the phone service providers want a piece of the mobile gaming pie.

Are you excited to have Mobage provided to you on your Android phone through AT&T (or did you already have it)? Will you iOS gamers try Mobage when or if it finally launches for iPhone? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.