TSA Song by Singing SOBs Cheers Up Vacationers in Montana Airport


When Glacier Park International Airport CEO Cindi Martin wanted to cheer up the vacationers standing angrily in her airport's security lines, she asked the Singing Sons of Beaches, a local parody band consisting of three elderly gentlemen with a shared passion for Hawaiian shirts, to create a new type of TSA video.

Though they packed in all the information they found in old TSA videos – bring this, don't bring that – the SSOB's video is definitely a departure from traditional safety line fare. The video depicts the three men singing a sort of Caribbean shanty song while trying to sneak into the airport with shotguns and (the image is hard to forget) grinding against the metal detector.

Steve Riddle, who is a third of the Singing Sons of Beaches along with Nick Terhaar and Greg Devlin, told MSNBC, "We took the TSA video home. And, oh my gosh, it is the most boring sort of government video we're all used to seeing."

He added: "We used it all. And we made it rhyme."

The video below seems bound to win these guys a Grammy for Best Use of a Kickball in a Music Video.

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