Slash's Delta Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing Over Broken Toilets

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A Delta flight from Minnesota to Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in Salt Lake City over a broken toilet.

But guess who was on board to document it all on Twitter? Slash! The Guns and Roses guitarist was on board after arriving back in the country from Serbia!

Slash took to Twitter to talk about his long day of traveling, saying: "Left Serbia 8am, just arrived in LA, 10:30pm. Delays, broken toilets, u name it. Gotta love Delta. Iii|; )"

TMZ was at the airport and caught up with some of the passengers on the delayed flight, who told the website that "It stunk...there was a flight attendant standing by the door asking people not to go #2." Flight attendants also stopped serving drinks to cut down on the use of the bathroom, TMZ reported.

When reached for comment, Delta told AOL Travel that the flight was delayed in Minneapolis due to weather conditions and then stopped in Salt Lake City for an hour to repair the broken toilet.

A Delta spokesperson said that the airline offered their "sincere apology to passengers" and provided them with a travel credit in an unnamed amount.

"It is a rare occurrence and not the level of service we aim to provide," the spokesperson added.

Back in March, a broken toilet in first class on a Continental flight caused a three hour ground delay at Pittsburgh airport.

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