Patricia Heaton's Industrial-Chic Condo For Sale, Again


Everyone may love Raymond, but not everyone may love Patricia Heaton's West Hollywood condo. It's back on the market at a lower price than it was two years ago when it didn't sell. What's that they say about if at first you don't succeed, try, try again?

Ten years ago, Heaton and her actor/producer husband David Hunt bought a much larger home elsewhere in Los Angeles that remains their principal residence, but they've re-listed their 1,640-square-foot two-bedroom loft condo in West Hollywood at $1,050,000. It didn't sell in 2009 at $1,195,000. They purchased it in March 2007 for $1,145,000.

We like reality checks but wonder why two consistently employed Hollywooders would want to sell a property in this crazy market if they didn't have to. Heaton and Hunt used the unit to house their production company, which may have moved to a studio lot. May we respectfully suggest becoming reluctant landlords instead?