King's Bounty: Legions trailer asks, 'Will you be a king or pawn' [Video]

King's Bounty Legions
King's Bounty Legions

We hope you'll go with the former, or this will be one terribly boring game for you. Nival, the Russian developer of the hit strategy franchise King's Bounty, has released the first trailer for King's Bounty: Legions, its Facebook adaptation of the series.

The company has started the invite-only beta test of the game through Gamesradar. Members of the video game news website will have instant access to the King's Bounty beta on Facebook, and can invite anyone they please. So, at least everyone will get a crack at the hexagonal madness eventually.

The trailer poses an important if rhetorical question to players: "Will you be a king or a pawn?" Then, it dives right into some flashy gameplay footage filled with spells, swords and spiders--you know, what you expect from a fantasy game these days. We first got a look at the game at this year's E3, but now we know a bit more about King's Bounty: Legions. Namely, it uses the Unity Player to display its arguably beautiful 3D graphics and sparkly spells, which means an extra download.

The turn-based strategy game is being developed by KranX Productions, another Russian developer. King's Bounty on Facebook is most definitely going after the hardcore crowd, which is more familiar with tools like the Unity Player and likely has more of an affinity for the franchise. Players will be able to manage their armies through a card system across the Kingdom (humans and general good guys), Chaos (orcs, beasts with several eyes, you name it), Beasts (wild animals) and The Ancients (unicorns and other mythical creatures) factions. Covering all of these factions is the class system:

  • Archer - This range class offers players the chance to deal damage while keeping a safe distance from the fray.

  • Defender - The best offense is a good defense, as demonstrated with their ability to withstand heavy attacks from enemies.

  • Mage - Unleash magical powers to conquer foes from afar with these masters of the mystic arts.

  • Support - Everybody needs somebody to watch their back and this class is the go-to back-up in battle.

  • Warrior - Whether it's swinging a big sword, showing off some big fangs or just being a frontline trooper, this class will get up close and personal with foes.

The game will also have an asynchronous feature that allows players to do battle even when away, according to King's Bounty: Legions North American producer David D. Christensen. If you want an invite into the beta, you'll either have to sign up for a Gamesradar account or wait for a friend to invite you. And after watching that explosive trailer, we're sure you're patience for an invite will be tested.

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