Prepare your Crime City mafia for an iPhone invasion


San Francisco-based social games developer Funzio has announced that their hit Facebook game Crime City will be heading over to the iPhone this month. Crime City isn't your typical Facebook game with cutesy avatars, bright colors, and cuddly animals. This gritty mobster game is based in New York, and you murder, steal, and heist your way up to becoming the biggest mob boss around. Crime City features 200 solo based missions for those who prefer to adventure on their own through a linear path, and also features an interesting multiplayer component that allows you to battle and work with your friends in huge guilds and syndicates. Funzio has released the following trailer:

Crime City topped out on Facebook at over 1 million daily players and currently is enjoyed by over 5.2 million players each month. You'll be able to install Crime City on your iPhone later this month.