FrontierVille The Amazing Grain Silo Goals: Everything you need to know

frontierville grain silo
frontierville grain silo

Say goodbye to withered crops, pioneers. Zynga will soon release the Amazing Grain Silo in FrontierVille, a brand new building that will provide players with Unwither and Wither Protection Boosts through its Daily Bonus. (And that's not a typo.)

The new feature, which will require players to ask for materials from friends like all new buildings, will come with a duo of Goals. These Goals will guide players through the process of creating this building that sounds too good to be true. Well, it is, and let's get on with it:

FrontierVille Grain Silo
FrontierVille Grain Silo

1. A Grain Idea

  • Place the Grain Silo

  • Clean 12 Debris on your homestead

  • Harvest 25 Flax

To place the Grain Silo, purchase it from the Market for 2,500 Coins and 20 Wood, and just throw it any old place. To harvest 25 Flax, you'll need 3,750 Coins and at least eight hours for them to ripen. Your reward for completing this simple Goal is 500 XP and a Pink Rose Ready Boost.

2. Serious About Silos

  • Tend 15 Neighbor Crops

  • Harvest 25 Blue Corn

  • Collect 10 Silo Tarps

Blue Corn is a brand new crop to FrontierVille, and will cost a total of 5,700 Coins and take 12 hours to ripen. Better yet, each harvest of Blue Corn rewards players with 376 Coins, five Food and 18 XP. However, you may need to complete the Grain Silo to unlock this crop. To finish the Grain Silo after you whack it a few times using Energy and Wood you will need to request the following items from your friends:

Finish the Grain Silo
Finish the Grain Silo
  • 10 Silo beams

  • 10 Roof Tile

  • 10 Silo Ladder

  • 15 Hopper

  • 15 Stone Siding

  • 15 Silo Crate

FrontierVille Blue Corn
FrontierVille Blue Corn

Like most feature-rich buildings in the game, we imagine that the first three items will be asked for directly from friends, while the latter three will simply post News Feeds for players to respond to.

Once this is finished, the Blue Corn crop should unlock. The 10 Silo Tarps for the Goal look to be another item requested from friends. For finishing this Goal, you'll score 800 XP and a Queasy Chicken.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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