$500 weapon releases in Gun Bros: who will buy it?

Gun Bros Kraken
Gun Bros Kraken

Gun Bros is a shoot-em-up game by Glu Mobile that brings multiplayer real time combat to iOS complete with voice chat. It features full 3D, the ability to play on Android, iPhone, or Facebook, and as many big guns as you could possibly ever want in your life. And now, your arsenal can be improved even more -- that is, if you have $500 to spend.

'The Kraken' is the latest superweapon released in Gun Bros, and it doesn't come cheap. Priced at 3499 War Bucks, this weapon will cost you just under $500 if you purchase the largest $99 packages of War Bucks. Granted, you could also take surveys and do other third-party offers to earn these War Bucks, but that would take a ridiculously long time that could be better spent actually playing the game. This weapon actually had its price increased from 1400 War Bucks, perhaps because of how powerful it is.

'The Kraken' shoots out bullets in many different directions and kills quicker than any other weapon. It also doesn't overheat - it will shoot out a massive laser that kills everything in its path when it is supposed to overheat. It basically is an "instant win" weapon, as you can just sit there and shoot while The Kraken does all the work. It's a pretty impressive gun and a whopping price.

You would presume then that no one would buy this weapon, right? Wrong. Someone has actually bought the weapon and filmed a quick review of it. There are people in this world (called 'whales') who will spend an astronomical amount in virtual goods. If you're a hardcore player of Gun Bros, you now have a new ultimate goal -- getting your hands on the almighty Kraken for $500 of cold hard cash.

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Would you ever spend that much money in a game? What kind of item would it take to convince you to spend that much?