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At DailyFinance we are always striving to serve you better. That's why we're thrilled to announce our new partnership with The Motley Fool, the world's greatest investing community.

This partnership will both expand our editorial coverage and improve our quotes page, while providing you with unprecedented access to world-class investing advice for free.

To celebrate, Motley Fool co-founders David and Tom Gardner are providing our readers with two exclusive stock picks. Watch the video below to learn more and discover which stocks they're recommending today.

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What's new?

Starting today, you'll notice several changes on our quotes pages, including:

Exclusive Content: In addition to the content from the DailyFinance staff writers you already know and love, your stock quotes pages will now also include up-to-the-minute, exclusive investing advice from the Motley Fool's team of stock analysts, conveniently aggregated for you on your stock quotes page.

A Cleaner Quotes Interface: We've listened to your feedback and have created an easier-to-navigate, faster-loading interface that provides all your favorite data points at your fingertips, with even more data just one click away.

Here's a look at your improved quotes page:

Here is the complete list of the data points you rely on:

Keep watching for more improvements because we're just getting started.


The DailyFinance Staff