FrontierVille The Dog-less Shepherd Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Dogless Shepherd
FrontierVille Dogless Shepherd

If you're still reeling from the Newlywed Newbies Goal in FrontierVille, this otherwise good news might be a doozy. Zynga will soon release yet another Timed Goal, titled "The Dog-less Shepherd." This looks to be part of an ongoing series of Timed Goals that will be stymied across a period of time.

This Goal, like the first in this new series, seems as if you'll have to accept it by Aug. 31. However, this information is early, and details are subject to change before this content is released. Enough with the disclaimers and onto the good stuff:

The Dog-less Shepherd:

  • Clear 30 Grass on a Neighbor's Homestead

  • Collect 10 Doggie Toys

  • Collect 10 Doggie Treats

FrontierVille Dogless Shepherd
FrontierVille Dogless Shepherd

Since there should be no need to explain how to clear Grass (Hint: You click on it), let's move along. The 10 Doggie Toys, if the previous Goal in this series is any indication, will be collected through individual help requests sent to friends. Doggie Treats, on the other hand, will likely be found through general News Feed posts. Both options read as "Ask Friends" on the Goal menu, so it can get confusing. For completing this Goal, you'll score 10 Chunky Chow for your Old Dog, 400 XP and 300 Coins.

[Source and Image Credit: CE Gamers]

Have you seen this Goal appear yet in your game, or are you still working on the previous? What do you think of Timed Goals in FrontierVille? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.