Take a siesta in CityVille with brand new Spain items

CityVille Spain Theme
CityVille Spain Theme

Things just got a little more, um, calor in CityVille. Zynga has released a list of Spanish items to the game. The list contains a great number of buildings with a dash of decorations and a single business, the Tapas Restaurant.

Unfortunately, most of these items go for City Cash, though some are available in a Mystery Crate that, for 35 City Cash, will reward you with one of four items that ask for the real bucks. Here are all of the items that are available:

Tapas Restaurant

  • Goods: 200

  • Earns: 1100 coins

  • Costs: 35 City Cash

  • Found in Mystery Crate

Spanish Flag

  • Bonus: 1 percent payout

  • Costs: 1,000 Coins

CityVille Spain items 1
CityVille Spain items 1

CityVille Spain Mystery Crate
CityVille Spain Mystery Crate

Pamplona Bull

  • Bonus: 2 percent payout

  • Costs: 12,500 Coins

Statue of Breogan

  • Bonus: 4 percent payout

  • Costs: 25,000 Coins

Madrid Arc de Triumph

  • Bonus: 12 percent payout

  • Costs: 20 City Cash

Galicia Tower

  • Population: + 300 to 600

  • Rent: 1,124 Coins per 73 hours

  • Costs: 40 City Cash

  • Found in Mystery Crate

Aragon Apartments

  • Population: + 350 to 700

  • Rent: 240 Coins per 4 hours

  • Costs: 50 City Cash

  • Found in Mystery Crate

Valencia Flat

  • Population: +150 to 250

  • Rent: 19 Coins per 5 minutes

  • Costs: 25,000 Coins

CityVille Spain items 2
CityVille Spain items 2

Alcazar Castle

  • Population: +3000 to 5500

  • Rent: 1,004 Coins per 24 hours

  • Costs: 90 City Cash

  • Found in Mystery Crate

As with most items releases in Zynga games, all the super cool stuff costs City Cash. However, at least players can get a new building that puts out a steady amount of Coins in a short amount of time, the Valencia Flat. Unless you're looking to create a virtual Barcelona, there are buildings for Coins that can likely earn just as well as these if not close. Now, where's our Running of the Bulls update?

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

Do you plan on picking up any of these new items? If City Cash were no object, which of these new items would you like the most? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.