Air New Zealand's Rico Talks To Lindsay Lohan

Air New Zealand's pesky rodent-ish mascot is at it again, this time with Lindsay Lohan.

Wait what?

Yes, it seems Rico has perhaps bested himself and got himself a "house arrest" interview with Lindsay Lohan. (This somehow beats an airline safety video with Richard Simmons and rapping with Snoop Dogg, but we're not sure why.)

Rico talks to Lohan about, oddly, Kim Kardashian's boobs saying, "Do you think it's too late for her (Kardashian) to be enjoying a bite of the fangs and a roll in the fur with me?"

Towards the end of the interview, Rico gifts Lilo with some necklaces and quickly adds: "Don't worry, they're all paid for."

Check out the mildly depressing and totally awkward "interview" below.

My how the mighty have fallen.

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