Unruly Child and Suspicious Smoke Smell Twice Delay Allegiant Air Flight


A child running wild forced an Allegiant Air plane to return to its gate prior to takeoff Saturday afternoon after it had already been delayed due to a smoky smell.

The woes of the Knoxville, Tennessee-bound flight began Saturday morning when it was forced to return to the Orlando Sanford International Airport because someone on board smelled smoke.

It turns out there were no visible signs of smoke, but firefighters were deployed as a precaution.

The passengers were then transferred to another aircraft for an afternoon flight to Knoxville when the trouble continued.

As the plane was preparing to take off, a toddler, who refused to sit in its seat, started running around the plane, airline spokeswoman Kristine Shattuck-Cooper told the Orlando Sentinel. The pilot was forced to return to the gate.

The child and its parents were removed from the flight and the passengers were finally able to make it to their destination.

Perhaps it is for reasons such as this that airlines are considering child-free flights, or adult-only sections. Malaysia Airlines has banned infants in first-class on some of its jets, with plans to expand that ban.

And, carriers like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates are being urged to consider child-free zones and even child-free flights.

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