That's Smurftastic! Ubisoft releases The Smurfs & Co on Facebook

The Smurfs and CoThough, we doubt good old NPH will make a cameo in this game. (A 90 minute flick with the blue things is more than enough.) Ubisoft has recently released The Smurfs and Co to Facebook, a social game that seems to follow the plot from the hit '80s cartoon rather closely. The evil wizard Gargamel has discovered the location of the Smurfs' village, and it's up to you and your friends to find the secret ingredients that will make him forget everything.

To do so, of course, you must erect a new village with new workshops, decorations to increase your Smurfs' happiness, which will draw in new Smurfs bringing quests and smurfy cheer. The game just released days ago, and already is home to over 78 thousand fans of the blue-skinned, white-capped creatures. (Well, except for Papa Smurf, of course.)

The game plays out much like your standard farming/property management Facebook game, but swathed in blue Smurfish charm. Players gather weeds and other debris around them to create huts, workshops and other items to increase their town's Happiness.
smurfs and co facebook
The happier your towns-Smurf are, the more famous Smurfs like Handy Smurf (and maybe Smurfette--ooh la la) will drop in on Storks with new quests in tow. The game has already capitalized on the recent Smurfs movie, asking players to "Like" the film for an exclusive in-game item. And you can probably bet there's more where that came from.
smurfs and co facebooksmurfs and co facebook
Capcom recently released a Smurfs social game for iOS devices, Smurfs' Village, and it quickly became a red-hot item (and so did ... its items). And considering how popular these little blue buggers are after 30 years, we're expecting about the same for Ubisoft's take on social Smurfology ... or something Smurfy like that.

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