Joe Biden: Secret Service Covers His Rental Too

biden secret service rental
biden secret service rental

Managing income property is the bane of many a landlord's existence. But Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has locked in a tenant, on the cottage next to his waterfront home, that likely won't be bouncing checks or moving out any time soon: The U.S. Secret Service detail that's hired to protect him.

To recap: Our tax dollars not only pay for the vice president's protection, they are also feathering his pocket with a steady rent check. Yes, it's legal. We leave it to the public to decide whether it's right for the vice president to have snagged this tenant in Greenville, Del., where the rental vacancy rate for 2010 was a whooping 33.6 percent, according to Melissa Kresin, a survey spokesperson at the U.S. Census Bureau. The national vacancy rate is 9.2 percent.