FarmVille Vineyard Buildings: Vineyard Restaurant and Vineyard Windmill


Two beautifully decorated buildings were added to FarmVille's Vineyard limited edition item theme this evening, but unfortunately, their loveliness comes at a high Farm Cash price (not that we're surprised). The Vineyard Restaurant [pictured] is designed after a wine barrel turned on its side, and is a fairly large building, all things considered. It costs 25 Farm Cash to add to your farm.

Meanwhile, a Vineyard Windmill costs 20 Farm Cash. This lovely yellow version has stones surrounding its base, and vines crawling up the side, so it's definitely more than a standard recoloring of previously released windmills.

Interestingly, these buildings are marked as being part of the Vineyard item theme, but they don't actually have an expiration date as of this writing. In fact, none of the game's limited edition buildings have expiration countdowns, but we'd attribute that to a bug in the system, rather than a declaration that they'll be permanent additions to the store (c'mon, we can't be that lucky). If everything turns out as expected, these buildings should disappear from the store in around two weeks, so you'd better shop fast if you want them at all.

Will you purchase either of these buildings for your farm(s)? Have you created a Vineyard in your English Countryside, or are you saving these items for decorating back home? Would you purchase these buildings if they were cheaper, or even available for a great deal of coins instead? Sound off in the comments.

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