FarmVille Vineyard Decorations: Grape Cart, Chaise Lounge, Vineyard Picnic and more


Here's something you don't see everyday (in FarmVille): a set of decorative items have been released for Farm Cash, but a few are actually affordable. Yes, take it all in farmers, as two of the decorative items released in the Vineyard limited edition item theme cost 1 and 2 Farm Cash each, making them downright bargains, all things considered.

All told, there were just five new decorative items released this evening, and the most expensive one of the bunch is the Vineyard Balloon (a hot air balloon with a grape pattern on the side) for 8 Farm Cash. I don't know about you, but that's pretty exciting stuff! If you have just a handful of Farm Cash to spend, you can purchase either a Vineyard Picnic for 2 Farm Cash (a picnic table covered in themed decorations like a grape vine and wine glasses), or a Grape Cart for a single Farm Cash.

Should you still wish to save your Farm Cash for other things, you can round out your trip through the store by checking out the Chaise Lounge (complete with a grape bunch on a nearby table) for 20,000 coins or the Vineyard Signage for 10,000 coins. Honestly, there hasn't been this cheap of an overall item release in quite some time. Sure, the new Vineyard animals and buildings cost a pretty penny, but at least you can decorate your farm for cheap!

Will you purchase any of these Farm Cash decorations because of their low price tags, or are you determined to save your Farm Cash for something else? Sound off in the comments.