FarmVille Vineyard Animal Mystery Game (07/31/11): Win a free Wine Horse for completing the game


Apparently, enough users purchased dozens or even hundreds of Farm Cash last week to earn the "free" French Unicorn in last week's FarmVille Mystery Game to warrant a second round of this new feature. This week, a set of Vineyard animals are available to win as part of the Mystery Game, but if you can win all six, you'll also walk away with a free Wine Horse (ya know, the one we brought you a sneak peek of last week).

As it stands, each attempt at this week's Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash, so even if you're lucky enough to earn different item on your first six tries, you'll still need to shell out 120 Farm Cash before laying claim to the Wine Horse. Add that to the fact that you may need to pop many more balloons than six to actually complete the game and you have a costly endeavor.

If you're interested in going for that impressive feat, or if you just want to purchase a single dart, here's what you can expect to find inside the game:

Vineyard Cat
Vineyard Cow
Vineyard Dog
Vineyard Duck
Vineyard Goat
Vineyard Mini Horse

As you might expect, the Wine Horse, Mini Horse and Cow all produce offspring, just in case that sort of thing increases your desire to purchase a dart. In addition, if you happened to pick up a Vineyard Goat for 120,000 coins during its "bugged" release in the store, you should see that the item is now fully functional on your land, and is no longer invisible (as of this writing, I haven't had mine taken away, so it looks to be permanent). Unfortunately, the Mystery Game won't register that you have already "won" this prize, so you'll have to go for a second to complete the game, but hey - there's still nothing wrong with snagging a 20 Farm Cash item for just 120,000 coins.

Remember, this Vineyard animal Mystery Game will only be available to play for a single week, so act fast if you want a chance at winning all six items and at that elusive Wine Horse.

Did you finish last week's Mystery Game to earn a free French Unicorn? Will you try to complete this week's game for a free Wine Horse as well? How much Farm Cash would you be willing to spend on this week's game, just to earn the Wine Horse? Sound off in the comments.

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