FarmVille Sneak Peek: Raffle Booth raffles off Fuel, Farm Aides et al

FarmVille Raffle Booth
FarmVille Raffle Booth

"You mean we're getting an alternative to that blasted Mystery Game," players excitedly asked as they read the news. Unfortunately, it's not looking that way, but color us excited regardless. The Raffle Booth has been discovered in FarmVille, and it looks like a brand new building and feature.

Judging from these leaked images, the Raffle Booth will provide players with three different varieties of Raffle Tickets (red, yellow and blue) that can be turned in for enhancements like Turbo Boosts or resources like Fuel.

The Raffle Booth seems to operate much like a real raffle. Items will populate the screen, and random tickets will be drawn. The more tickets you have, the higher chance you have of your number being called and winning a prize.

Players will be able to either ask their friends for more tickets, or buy them with Farm Cash. However, we still don't know what each color implies. (Could each color stand for a certain grade of prizes?)

FarmVille Raffle Booth dude
Red Raffle Booth Ticket
Yellow Raffle Booth Ticket
Blue Raffle Booth Ticket

A new character will be introduced to the game as well with a beard that makes me jealous. He'll be your guide across at least three quests that will introduce you to the new feature and likely the building's three stages. I wouldn't expect super rare animals or decorations to come out of this feature like they do in the Mystery Game.

FarmVille Raffle Booth inside
FarmVille Raffle Booth inside

Luckily, there are a ton of sought-after resources--that cost lots of Farm Cash otherwise, mind you--and Boosts that will be available for free. Well, with a lot of work and a little luck, of course. Don't worry, you'll learn more as soon as we do, so stay tuned.

Raffle Booth Ticket Fuel
Raffle Booth Ticket Farmhand
Raffle Booth Ticket Vehicle Part
Raffle Booth Ticket Love Potion

[Source and Image Credits: FarmVille Pro, FarmVile Cool]

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