FarmVille Pic of the Day: Lynn Edwards' fantastic farm art

farmville featured farm lynn edwards
farmville featured farm lynn edwards

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After the last insane farm design, this FarmVille Pic of the Day is brought to you by dedicated farm designer, Lynn Edwards. It should be obvious why Lynn Edwards' farm design attracted our attention. The pattern in the middle is simply splendid. The featured farm's arrangement is created with all kinds of crops, trees, and items, creating a fantastic effect. If there is anyone who can successfully name all the items used to create this pattern, they would definitely be awarded some kudos.

However, aside from the design in the middle, the rest of the farm is a bit lacking. This submission was entered to a FarmVille Forums contest, and despite how nice it is, it failed to win the top prize. Lynn Edwards, if you're out there, please get rid of the farm plots! Instead of having an ugly brown border around your beautiful farm, extend the pattern all the way out to the edges. Fix that, and you'll be a contender for the top prize for sure. This is, without a doubt, a farm with potential. Keep up the good work Lynn Edwards.

What do you think of Lynn Edwards' neat farm design?

If you have an AWESOME FarmVille farm that you want to see featured on, please email a picture to, Include a few words about the inspiration for your design and maybe a few tips for people who need an assist!