FarmVille Vineyard Animals: American Quarter Horse and Mule Deer


With tonight's FarmVille update, we see a continuation of the current Vineyard limited edition item theme, this time with two new animals being added to the barnyard. The American Quarter Horse and Mule Deer may not instantly scream "vineyard," but I highly doubt that animal collectors will complain (at least, not about the ability to add new animals to their collections).

The prices, though, might have some farmers up at arms, as the American Quarter costs 26 Farm Cash, while the Mule Deer costs 18 Farm Cash. Keep in mind that the American Quarter Horse has the ability to be bred, producing the American Quarter Foal which can then be shared with friends. On that note, if you're tired of absorbing the high costs of horses on your own, but still want to add one to your collection, have you ever tried splitting the cost with someone who collects Foals? You could keep your horse, and eventually (with luck) share a foal or two with them, and both of you will be happy! Just remember to only undertake something like that with someone you trust.

Both the American Quarter Horse and Mule Deer will be available for the next two weeks. You'll gain fairly large experience point bonuses for splurging, so they're something to look into, should you have tons of Farm Cash burning a hole in your pocket.

Will you purchase either of these animals for your farm? Has your spending on animals in FarmVille decreased as everything costs more and more Farm Cash, or do you still purchase all new animals that are released? Sound off in the comments.