Erin Michelle Joynt, Kansas Sunbather, Run Over On Florida Beach While Sunbathing


Erin Michelle Joynt was calmly sitting on the beach in Daytona Beach, Florida Sunday when a Beach Patrol pickup ran her over.

The 33-year old Wichita woman was sunbathing on her stomach when the patrol vehicle made contact with her around 10am, The Wichita Eagle reports.

21-year old Thomas Moderie, a part time seasonal lifeguard in the area, had been flagged down by a beachgoer complaining of broken glass on the shore and was driving to deal with the complaint when he ran over Joynt, the Associated Press reports.

Moderie told local authorities that he "just didn't see the woman." As a result of the incident, he will undergo standard drug testing.

Joynt is, amazingly, recovering at an unnamed Daytona Beach hospital.

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