Bejeweled Blitz bot makes one million points look like child's play

hypnotizd Bejeweled Blitz bot scores over 1 million
hypnotizd Bejeweled Blitz bot scores over 1 million

One day, the machines are going to take over, but if we can get them hooked on Bejeweled Blitz, then there may be hope for humanity yet. "Blitz Bot" by hypnotizd, was created within two to three days over a span of several weeks as a computer programming exercise for its creator. The bot relies on pattern recognition, speed, and hypnotizd's own personal gem-swapping tactics, which he won't disclose, but it's rather basic stuff. What his bot does isn't magic, it's just superhuman thoroughness, e.g. "It goes gem by gem looking above, below, left or right to make 3 or 4 in a row."

Ever humble, the creator insists that the bot isn't sophisticated at all, going on to say that the bot's ability to recognize the different colored gems isn't perfect and that he didn't design it to prioritize special gems. The bot also doesn't use power-ups. (Though if it did, then it could probably score way higher.) So basically, this bot plays by the rules, it just plays by 'em a lot quicker than your average human can, which is enough to be amazing.

Click here to watch Blitz Bot in action.

[Hat-tip: Hack A Day]