FarmVille: Vineyard Model Farm shows off decorating ideas for limited edition items


While it may reveal nothing about upcoming releases, the FarmVille Model Farm does serve two purposes: showing users the scale of items in a particular theme without actually purchasing them, and giving decorating tips for those who may like an item, but aren't sure how to design around it. Such is the case with the updated Model Farm, which gives us a look at the current Vineyard limited edition item theme (sans the random Boar and Ram released this week), with items like the Vineyard B&B and Tasting Room being surrounded by a forest of trees (both old and new) and a field of plenty of grape vines.

As usual, should something strike your fancy on the farm, you'll be able to purchase it by hovering over it to first see its price and then clicking to confirm the purchase. Of course, there are some non-limited items mixed in with this theme as well, like Peach Trees and Hedges, as just a couple of examples.

Sure, straight copy-and-pasting designs isn't very original, but hopefully with the Model Farm as inspiration, you'll be able to think of something even better! Be sure to let us know if you do.

Do you like looking at the Model Farm(s) in FarmVille for decorating ideas? Would you be more likely to use the feature if you were given a small prize of coins or XP for visiting? Sound off in the comments.

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