FarmVille Vineyard Animals: Race Stripe Ram and Boar offer patterns for the impatient


In an unusual update, Zynga has released a new Boar and a new Ram to the FarmVille marketplace, both in the current Vineyard limited edition item theme. As it stands, there's no reasonable explanation as to what these animals have to do with vineyards, or even grapes, making their placement in this theme feel entirely out of place. If anything, it could just be an easier way for Zynga to make sure the items have a limited edition time limit, but I digress.

The Race Stripe Ram is a red and orange Ram that offers you the Racing Stripe pattern in Sheep Breeding, while the Race Stripe Boar is a two-toned blue Boar which also gives you the Racing Stripe pattern, but in Pig Breeding instead. The Boar costs less at 20 Farm Cash, while the Ram costs 30.

Let's not be so hasty to press the "buy" button though, farmers. Keep in mind that both of these patterns (albeit not in the same colors) are available for "free" by simply leveling up your farmer as a Pig or Sheep Breeder. To be specific, the Racing Stripe pattern unlocks at Pig Breeding Level 20 and Sheep Breeding Level 15. That being the case, the only real reason you should purchase these animals is if you have a true love of their colors, or don't want to work your way through leveling up the old-fashioned way, and want these patterns right now.

If you are toying with the idea of purchasing either of them, know that you only have a limited amount of time to do so: 11 days, as of this writing. Hopefully we'll see more actually "Vineyard" themed items released in the "Vineyard" theme in the future (how novel a concept), and we'll make sure to let you know if and when we do.

Will you purchase either of these breeding animals for your collections, or have you already unlocked the patterns through leveling up your Sheep or Pig Pens? Sound off in the comments.