FarmVille Bug Report: Invisible Vineyard Goat available for 120,000 coins


If you like getting "in" on the many bugs and glitches in FarmVille that don't necessarily break the game, but add a bit of humor to the barnyard, you'll be thrilled to know that a new "Vineyard Goat" has been added to the store prematurely. For one, the Goat hasn't been marked as a limited edition item in the Vineyard item theme, and it also shows up as a Ginkgo Tree in the store. It costs 120,000 coins to purchase, but the item is actually invisible, both when you click to preview it in the store, and when you actually place it on your land.

You can hover over the item's very large shadow (it seems large for a goat, anyway), and it says that the item is the "Vineyard Goat," but right now it might as well be called "Vineyard Ghost." We're sure that it's only a matter of time before the FarmVille team spots the error and removes the "animal" from the store, but if you're interested in seeing what happens to the item in the future, make sure to add one to your farm while it's still available. You'll gain 1200 experience points for purchasing it, so at least you'll come out ahead in the end. Remember, if you're having trouble finding the item, just search for "Goat" in the store, and it will show up as one of the three items in your search.

All things considered, it's likely that the true Vineyard Goat will be launched as early as tomorrow, when FarmVille is once again expected to update with new items in the theme. As the final version will most likely cost Farm Cash, it will definitely be interesting to see if we've all just scored on a bargain, or if the item will be removed entirely, forcing us to purchase a real one for cash. We'll make sure to let you know the final verdict, just as soon as we know more.

Will you purchase some of these bugged Vineyard Goats for your farm in FarmVille? Have you ever purchased invisible items before? Were you able to keep the "real" versions they turned into, or did you lose them when Zynga fixed the bug? Sound off in the comments.

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