Zynga releases FarmVille 30x30 expansions; big farms for big prices

FarmVille 30x30 expansion
FarmVille 30x30 expansion

We hate to be the bearers of bad news ... but Zynga has released the 30x30 FarmVille expansions for an immense amount of Farm Cash. Available now, the Grand Farm Estate and English County will increase your farms' size to 30x30, but for 180 and 195 Farm Cash, respectively.

That's in the ballpark of about $30 for each expansion--buying one only counts for the farm you purchased it from. And unfortunately, it doesn't look like a Coin option for this expansion is coming anytime soon.

But hey, there are always options--like taking advantage of the free Farm Cash offers Zynga puts out all the time. Or canceling that membership to the gym you've made little to no use of. (We feel your pain.) Or you could exercise some patien--never mind.

Would you ever pay this much for a farm expansion? How long are you willing to wait before a Coin option is released, and how else do you think Zynga could handle these expansions? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.